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January 2006 Rust
This month's Rust Of The Month comes from Andy Hook.
1934 AND HALF Pres LAND Cruiser
Andy Hooks Studebaker Rust

Wanted: Your Rust!
So how do you submit a picture you ask. Well here's the answer:

To Submit A Photo For Rust Of The Month Consideration:

  1. E-Mail me a photo of your Rust Beauty or
  2. Give me the address of a web page I can find a picture of your Rust-O-Ramma or
  3. Send me (USPS) a photo of Studie-Rust and I'll scan it in. We can make arrangements if the photo is needed back.

So E-Mail me and maybe everybody can get a look at your Studebaker Rust!

Past Rusts of the Month

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