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May 1998 Rust
This month's Rust Of The Month comes from Herb Phillips' Old Kentucky Studebaker or as Herb states on his page "The Kentucky Open Air Museum of Hoosier Automotive History" as it is sometimes referred. His page contains many examples of "Studebaker Rust" but the one above is one of my favorites and his as as well I would guess. Check out his Old Kentucky Studebaker Page for a list of his many parts cars he has to part out.

Herb can be e-mailed at:

Wanted: Your Rust!
So your asking "Hey Keith, what's the deal with not updating the 'Rust Of The Month' since it was put up all the way back in April?" The answer is simple: I've been concentrating on other parts of the pages too much. Although it may not have seemed that way I really have, kinda. So now is the time to send me those Rusts Of The Month. Yes I do have a Coffee Mug for each month's winner. So how do you submit a picture you ask. Well here's the answer:

To Submit A Photo For Rust Of The Month Consideration:

  1. E-Mail me a photo of your Rust Beauty or
  2. Give me the address of a web page I can find a picture of your Rust-O-Ramma or
  3. Send me (USPS) a photo of Studie-Rust and I'll scan it in. We can make arrangements if the photo is needed back.

So E-Mail me and maybe everybody can get a look at your Studebaker Rust!

Past Rusts of the Month

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